What is my User Name and/or Password?

User Name and Password Tips
To make your online ordering experience easier, during registration we ask that you create a unique user name and password that will be known only by you. At that time, we also give you the ability to let us remember your user name and password.

If you have already registered, but chose not to use Remember My Log In Details feature, you will need to manually Sign In with each visit.

What if I can't remember my User Name or Password?
You probably have a handful of user names and passwords that you need to remember every day. It's easy to forget them. If that does happen, we're here to help.

If you have already registered, but can't remember your user name and password, relax. We can send you an instant e-mail reminder. Click on the Sign In button, then on the Forgot Password link. Type in your email address, we will email you your password and user name information.

Link forgot your password

How do I know if I have a User Name and Password?
We know you have a lot to remember during the work day. If you are unsure whether or not you already registered to set up a user name on NailSuperstore.com, don't worry. Simply follow the above steps. If we are unable to provide you with Sign In information, chances are that you have never registered. To Register, simply click on "Create New Account” in No, I do not have an account?