Xtreme Nail Tips

These eagle claw nail tips are ideal for creating an over-the-top and brash look that clients will love. They have an extreme curve that creates an extreme and dramatic look, and doesn't require you build or sculpt the nail to form. Why waste time building an extremely long and dramatic nail when you can just get them from The Nail Superstore? The Nail Superstore carries extreme long nail tips which offers your clients the look they want and saves you time from having to build it. Our extreme long nail tips can be worn in their current length or can easily be clipped down to the desired length of choice. We also carry the extreme long nail tips in a sleek and slender size which is perfect for clients that have more slender fingers and smaller nail plates. Need tips on how to create a daring look with different nail tips? Check out some of our how-to product videos by leading nail industry experts today and get started!