White French Nail Tips

For beautiful pink and white nail enhancements, try The Nail Superstore's French and White Nail Tips! Our French and White Nail tips will make your nail enhancements stand out to quickly become customer favorites. They're flexible, strong and won't crack so your clients can get weeks of wear. And even better, you don't have to try to find the perfect crisp white nail polish to use- these are already pre-colored and ready to apply. Cut them down to the desired length, add your nail product and be finished. And if you want to add a small hint of a natural pink color, The Nail Superstore also carries the softest and most natural hues of pink gel nail polish and pink nail polish. All of our tips can be used with acrylics, gels or wraps and are easy to apply. Start your nail enhancement service with The Nail Superstore now and enjoy huge savings!