Acrylic Nail Brush

Working with acrylic can pose it's own challenges so there's no need to complicate your acrylic nail service by using an acrylic brush that fails to do the job you need it to. Good thing you can get the best acrylic nail brushes from The Nail Superstore. We carry Artisan acrylic brushes because when it comes to using the best, you can be sure that Artisan never compromises quality or craftsmanship. Artisan acrylic nail brushes are only made from 100% pure Kolinsky or Sable hairs which ensures that your acrylic products go on easily, smoothly and consistently so you can maintain control and sculpt with the precision you need. Most Artisan acrylic brushes are also not only highly effective but visually stunning with faux-crystal embellishments and graphic detailing that will suit any salon decor. In addition to their exceptional quality and design elements, upon use you'll immediately notice the difference in the Artisan brush by it's lightweight and comfortable to hold handle. And upon cleaning it from acrylic product, you'll notice how durable they are and how well they maintain their form. With various sizes to meet different nail tech experience levels, comfort and acrylic nail applications- you can be assured that we have the acrylic nail brushes that will help you offer a perfect acrylic service.