Pre Designed Nail Tips

You don't have to have experience as a nail art artist to offer stunning nail art designs. At The Nail Superstore, we provide pre-designed nail tips that a novice or expert nail tech can easily apply to increase salon services and profits! Our pre-designed nail tips are made from the best quality of ABS plastic which offers the strength and flexibility you need- all while feeling natural to wear. Pre-designed nail tips are excellent options to use for clients that like to change their nail enhancement look often and are also great for saving you valuable time from having to create nail art or nail designs from scratch. With pre-designed nail tips, you can simply let your clients pick the look they want, affix them with your nail product of choice and be done. The only experience you need is in knowing how to apply nail tips! The Nail Superstore carries pre-designed nail tips with designer monograms, sparkles and glitter, floral designs, stars and graphics, holiday themes, snake skin graphics, and more including pre-designed nail tip collections. With more than 35 pre-designed options to choose from, you can be assured that we stock a look your clients will love. And at wholesale prices and 5% cash back, you can also rest assured that you'll get the best price and the best nail products for your money. Shop Now!