Powder Gel Nails

You know how you know that you're a great nail tech? It's when you know when to increase your nail service options on quality products without spending your entire salon budget to do it! Speaking of options, here's some great ones for offering the strength and long lasting properties of acrylic without using harsh chemicals to do it. All you have to do is pick up some of The Nail Superstore's Gel Nail Powder Systems! Gel Nail Powder Systems are excellent to use for clients that want to transition from using acrylic products or clients that would like to restore their damaged nails to a healthier condition. The innovation of gel nail powder systems are quickly becoming nail tech and client favorites because of their strength, long lasting wear, flexibility, and duo-properties of being like a gel and acrylic in one system. Our gel nail powder system includes: gel nail powder, FlexGel+ Base, FlexGel+ Top Coat, and a FlexGel + Powder Gel Kit so you can have everything you need to do a complete gel nail powder application. Shop at The Nail Superstore and save so you can offer your clients this innovative gel nail service!