Pedicure Slippers

Give your clients a reason to want to slip into something more comfortable by providing pedicure slippers and pedicure socks from the Nail Superstore! We offer a variety of comfortable and convenient pedicure slippers that are disposable or easy to sanitize for reusing. With a full line of pedicure slippers to include folded strap, non-slip, sewn strap, disposable, water-proof and reusable- you can be certain that when you shop with the Nail Superstore, you'll be able to find the right pedicure slippers you need. In addition to pedicure slippers, we also stock the most popular pedicure socks from PediSox! PediSox can be used, washed and reused for your pedicure services or you can even offer them as a retail item to your clients! Order the ones you need today!