Sterilizer Machines

If it only took a splash of water to sterilize your salon tools then there would never be any problems to worry about. But, since water alone won’t keep your clients safe and certainly won’t keep you in business, make sure you have a professional sterilizer machine on hand! You can get a variety of sterilizer machines from The Nail Superstore, for wholesale prices! We’ve been in business for twenty years and are a trusted source for nail artists and nail tech’s professional nail supplies including the sterilizers from the Episode Sterilizer, EuroStyle Nail Implement Sterilizer, EuroStyle UV Sterilizer Cabinet, Autoclave Self Sealing Sterilization, the Sterilizer Machine T209 and the Prestige Sterilizer. Regardless of the one you choose, our sterilizer machines works excellently to ensure that your implements and salon tools meet EPA approved standards. Shop our online store now to get the professional sterilization supplies and machines you need in your salon!