Nail Primers

Using the right nail primers are vital before applying artificial nail enhancements or color polish to natural nails. We make it easier for you to step into your nail tech prime by offering the best nail primers available for creating a long lasting nail polish or nail enhancement set. Our nail primers were scientifically developed to effortlessly clean and dehydrate the natural nails while gently leaving the nail plate ready to bond to polish, gels, acrylics, nail tips or other nail enhancements. Have you been looking for a nail primer that provides uncompromising retention and maximum strength, while eliminating lifting? Then you definitely need to add Artisan's Ultra Bond Extra Strength Nail Primer to your manicure service! It's one of the strongest and most reliable nail primers on the market for ensuring that natural nails have an extra-strong bond to acrylic and gel nail enhancements. And if you need a great nail primer that's also great to use for clients with sensitive skin, you should keep some of Artisan's Primex Acid-Free Nail Primer at each manicure table! It's gentle acid-free formula was scientifically developed to be used for clients with sensitive skin while still offering the superior bond you need between natural nails and nail enhancements. It's acid-free properties works with any gel or acrylic systems all while eliminating the unpleasant odors, burning and itching that traditional primers produce. In addition the Artisan brand, we also carry CND Acid-Free Nail Primer which is also a great non-corrosive, non-burning nail primer for clients with sensitive skin. And for a nail primer that was developed mostly for gels, try out IBD Gel Nail Bonder Glue to add an extra bond to your gel nails. Whether you go with Artisan Acid-free Nail Primer, Artisan Ultra-Bond Extra-Strength Nail Primer, to CND Acid-Free Nail Primer and even IBD Bonder Gel, we make sure that you have the best options available, to get the best results available. Stock up now on all the nail primers, nail glues, nail enhancements, acrylic nail powders and all other nail supplies you need and take advantage of huge savings and free shipping for orders over $99 (excluding salon furniture).