Nail Preps

Regardless of what you want to be great at it takes preparation to make it happen. The same thing applies for when you're preparing to do your nail enhancements which is why you should only get your nail prep supplies from The Nail Superstore. We've built a solid reputation on creating and providing the industry's best nail prep and overall nail supplies to ensure that you get the flawless results you demand and your clients have come to expect. We have a full line of nail prep formulas for you to choose and use throughout the entire nail application system. For starters, you can use Artisan's Equalizer Nail Prep which is a super dehydrator that prevents lifting and chipping; you can also go with CND Nail Fresh which is a super-dehydrator to use for clients whose nails are prone to lift, or CND Scrub Fresh which improves adhesion by removing nail plate contaminants that can prevent nail enhancements from bonding to the natural nail. Need something for crystallization or odor? Try out Artisan's Neutralizer Nail Liquid Enhancer and Odor Reducer which works great for eliminating crystallization and neutralizing unpleasant nail liquid odor. And for after the nail enhancements are finished, you can pull out the Artisan Fill Line Eraser for those returning clients that need a fill-in. It works wonderfully to eliminate those ugly fill lines and saves you time by cutting your filing time down drastically. What about a solution for stopping or preventing primer burns? Make sure you have some INM Stop It at every work station so you can offer your clients immediate relief and comfort from nail primer burns. Visit our store now to get prepared and stock up on your nail prep supplies!