Nail Polish Thinner

One drop of nail polish wasted or one smear on your nail polish or airbrushed nail designs, are one too many. Prevent product waste and nail work smudges by using one of Artisan’s Airbrush and Nail Art, Nail Polish or UV Nail Topcoat Thinners! Artisan’s Airbrush and Nail Art Topcoat Thinner ensures that your airbrush topcoat stays at the perfect consistency to work the way it was developed to. We also stock Artisan’s Nail Polish Thinner which is great to use with any of your favorite brands of nail polish so you can always get the coverage and consistency you need without leaving any nail polish in the bottle. And for your UV nail polish- grab some Artisan UV Topcoat Thinner to maintain your UV Topcoat viscosity and minimize your worries. You can get all of our high quality nail supplies, including the full line of Artisan Topcoat Thinners, at wholesale prices. Add them now to save more and make more salon profits!