Nail Glues

Don't lose out on making money from nail enhancements just because you don't use the right kind of glue to make them last. The Nail Superstore has the strongest and most effective, instant-bonding nail glue on the market for your nail enhancement needs! With Artisan Instant Bond Super Fast Nail Glue, you'll know that your nail tips will bond immediately to client's natural nails, silk wraps and more. You'll also know that you can use this nail glue as a strengthener and repair agent for natural nails too. And if you're concerned about how much nail glue you can use or if it'll flow out too fast, don't worry. These Artisan Instant Bond Super Fast Nail Glue tubes gives you the control to apply just the right amount you need. And if you're worried that the nozzle will get clogged with dry glue, we thought about that too which is why we have anti-clog glue caps that are designed with a special needle to prevent any clogging from happening so your nail glue will be ready, when you are. Tired of waiting for those other nail glues to dry? That's not a problem with Artisan Instant Super Bond Nail Glue because it dries instantly so you can work with confidence and ease of knowing that your nail applications will stay in place. You can also use our Elfa 3 Second Nail Glue to get equally great results with securing a lasting bond between natural nails and nail enhancements. Elfa's 3 Second Nail Glue not only bonds immediately but they also come in a no clog bottle so you can use every single drop you paid for. So, now that we've covered the basics, make sure you're nail enhancements are covered and will last with these nail enhancement glues!