Nail File

Making sure your salon services stay safe and sanitary for clients is a necessary and time consuming job. Fortunately, you can still do your nail service, and keep things safe at the same time, when you use disposable or sanitizable nail files from The Nail Superstore! The Nail Superstore stocks a variety of disposable and sanitizable nail files in 80/80 grit, 80/100 grit, 100/100 grit and 180/180 grits. Need you want a disposable nail file you can toss after use or a nail file that you can sanitize and reuse. The Nail Superstore is your go-to place for what you need. We carry white wood manicure nail files, black double-sided cushioned nail files, jumbo nail files, mini nail files and more! Our nail files also come in a convenient 50 count piece package at wholesale prices. Order today and enjoy 5% cash back, customer reward points, free samples and complimentary shipping on orders over $99*!