Nail Brush Cleaners & Accessories

However many nail brushes you have, don't risk wasting money to replace even one just because you don't have the necessary nail brush cleaners or nail brush accessories you need to maintain them. At The Nail Superstore, we know that maintaining what you have, is just as important as having what you need, which is why we stock the best nail brush cleaners and accessories. You can order a few bottles of our Artisan Acrylic Nail Brush Cleaner which safely and quickly removes liquid monomer build up and acrylic residue so your acrylic nail brushes can maintain their form and luster. Do you need a durable and convenient way to carry or store your acrylic, gel or nail art brushes? If so, your brushes will certainly be covered with the Artisan Designer Brush Case. It makes storing and transporting your coveted nail brushes easy and stylish. And if you're tired of using your favorite coffee mug as a brush cleaning jar, why not pick up a few official brush cleaning jars from us? Our brush cleaning jar is built with a brush holder that suspends your nail brushes while they're soaking and cleaning without bending the bristles or hairs. It conveniently fits all handle sizes and can clean and hold up to eight brushes. So, we've covered nail brush cleaner, a designer nail brush carrying case, and a nail brush cleaning jar but let's not forget the nail brush holders so you can keep your brushes within reach at your manicure and pedicure table. We have two elegantly designed nail brush holders that will not only look great at your work station but can hold either five, or nine, acrylic or gel nail brushes. You can even get several so you can be sure to have a place for all of your nail brushes. They're designed in an ultra-chic faux-chrome finish that will shine on your work station and will keep your nail brushes safe and secure.