Gel Top Coat & Base

Stay on top of your game from the time you to start , to the time you finish, by using the proper Top and Base Gels. At The Nail Superstore, we provide the best top and base gels that offers the nail bond, adhesion, no chip, no peel, and mirror-like shine you need so your gel manicures and gel nail enhancements look as spectacular as you intend them to. We have Artisan, CND, IBD and more base coats that are perfect to use before starting your gel nail services. And for a flawless finish, with a radiant shine and two weeks of no chip wear, grab one of our fast curing top coat gels. Our top and base coat gels were developed to ensure that your gel nail work not only looks great but stays looking great, longer. We do that by taking an uncompromising approach to finding the perfect scientifically developed formula through endless hours of testing and research. We test our base coats for how well they bond to the nail plate and for viscosity. And for our top coats, we pay close attention to their viscosity, ease of application, adhesion, shine quality, no chip abilities, and curing and removal time. It's only after these steps and more are taken that we then determine when our top and base gels are at the optimum quality for you and your clients. All that's left for you is to select the top and base coats you need! Start off and finish right, by starting with The Nail Superstore's best-selling Top and Base Coats!