French & American Manicure Polish

Easily create a beautiful and classic French manicure or natural look with American Manicures’ Elfa American Glaze nail polishes and French Manicure Polish from the Nail Superstore! You can get them in soft hues of white, red, pink, baby pink, cotton candy, French pink, naked ivory or white opal to transform your client’s nail beds into healthier looking nails, instantly and to create a flawless set of nails that's sure to please! These innovative nail polishes were developed specifically for French manicures and for creating a stunning and natural look. They not only apply consistently and leave a beautiful shine but their hues of ‘absolutely beautiful’ will match any skin tone too so you can use them for any client without worry. To finish them off, use the Elfa Glaze white nail polish to easily brighten and lighten the nail tips to complete the look. Get them in a single bottle or in bulk by ordering the refill sizes. Either or, at the Nail Superstore you'll always get your nail supplies at wholesale prices and when you buy in bulk, you’ll always have plenty on hand without having to stop your French manicure or natural nail services.