Disinfectant Solutions

Soap and water is okay for your hands but not for disinfecting your salon surfaces and implements. What is great for sanitation, however, is using the best professional disinfectants that will ensure you’ve eliminated all of that dangerous bacteria and germs. At The Nail Superstore, you can get EPA approved and hospital grade disinfection by using our Barbicide or Barbicide Plus. Barbicide is effective against HIV and Hepatitis B and C. It also complies with OSHA’s Blood borne Pathogen standards which all means that it definitely works. We also carry Steri-Dri Fumigant which can be used to sterilize your salon implements even without water. And if you need something to sanitize your manicure and pedicure tables, you should pick up some 100% pure alcohol too! Get them at The Nail Superstore and enjoy wholesale prices, free gifts, reward points and more!