Carbide Nail Drill Bits

You know that the sharpness, durability and effectiveness of a carbide nail drill bit is extremely important in your nail service so don't use just any carbide nail bit with your electric nail file. When you get your carbides from The Nail Superstore, you won't have to question if they're the best quality or if they'll deliver the best results for your nail service- because we only carry the best. We have a wide selection of ProTool USA carbide nail bits which are made from Tungsten metal to ensure strength, durability, and sharpness and effectiveness, all while minimizing friction and heat build up on the nail during use. You can use our ProTool carbide nail bits for multiple nail services from quickly and easily removing nail enhancements to easily filing or shaping nail enhancements. We also carry: cone carbide bits which are excellent for getting in those hard to reach areas; backfill carbide bits which were specifically designed for doing backfills on pink and white nail services; under nail cleaner carbide bits, which allows you to easily and quickly clean under customer's nails; chamois buffer bits which works wonderfully for creating a high gloss shine in seconds; nail duster carbides which immediately dusts away nail dust from the nail plate, and more! Our full line of quality carbides are easy to attach and detach, long lasting and built to make your nail service work go easier. Shop our store now and save on the carbide nail bits you need!