Acrylic Nail Primer & Preps

Be prepared to offer beautiful acrylic nail applications with The Nail Superstore's best-selling acrylic nail preps and primers! Our acrylic nail preps and acrylic nail primers are thoroughly tested and are highly approved by countless scientists and nail tech professionals. We have more than two decades of experience leading the industry in nail and salon supplies so we can be sure that you'll have top of the line acrylic nail supplies, at unbeatable prices. So, whether you're starting your salon or are an industry pro- our acrylic nail preps and primers are expertly formulated to help you create the acrylic nail applications that'll keep you in business for as long as we've been. We provide a full line of Artisan acrylic nail preps and primers from: Instant Bond Super Fast Nail Glue, Neutralizer Nail Liquid Enhancer & Odor Reducer, Primex Acid-Free Nail Primer, Ultra Bond Extra-Strength Nail Primer, and more! We also have Elfa Super Bond Nail Glue, CND Acid Free Nail Primer, CND Nail Fresh, CND ScrubFresh and INM Stop-It which stops primer burns instantly! Our acrylic nail preps and primers sell out fast so stock up and save!