ABS Original Nail Tips

Just because you do nail enhancements, doesn't mean they can't look natural. Fortunately, The Nail Superstore has original natural nail tips which are perfect for getting the natural look you want for your nail enhancements. Our natural nail tips are made from ABS plastic so your clients can get weeks of wear without worrying about chipping or cracking. They also have a natural curve and conveniently fits most nail beds so you don't have to build the nail or file as much to get the natural look you want. The Nail Superstore offers wholesale pricing on our nail tips, nail supplies and salon products so you can purchase our natural nail tips in bulk or by the specific size you need, when you need it. And for your convenience, all of our nail tips are numbered so you'll know exactly what finger to use them for. Check out our full selection of natural nail tips and stock up today!