• UltraShine Super Gloss Top Coat
  • Used as a top coat for acrylic enhancements, mainly for acrylic colour tips. It gives the nails a lasting shine for about 3-4 weeks once the client refrains from using harsh chemicals.
  • Dhaila's N
  • WEST INDIES - Barbados
  • Instant dry for a great price!
  • This product is perfect for drying the nails quickly. 120 secs under a uv light and you are good to go!
  • Taylor H
  • taylor'd nails, Virginia - USA
  • Just as good
  • This product works just as well as other brand name sticky base coats, but the price is better!
  • nailchic9
  • Mississippi - USA

Top Coat & Base Coat

At the Nail Superstore, we totally get that you need a superior Topcoat and Base coat to ensure that you get the superior look you want for all of your nail services. It’s no secret that you can’t win over your nail clients if you don’t start or finish your nail service right. But it’s a good thing that we have some of the best top and base coats on the market to ensure you get a great start and a flawless finish! We've meticulously selected the most prized topcoats and base coats in the nail industry from the industries top nail techs. We carry base coats, topcoats, nail polish and topcoat thinners, retail topcoats and base coats, air-dry topcoats, nail art and airbrush topcoats, no chip topcoats, non-yellowing sunscreen topcoats, super shiny topcoats and UV dry topcoats too! All of which is to say that you’ll be able to find the topcoats and base coats you need simply by shopping, in one convenient place, with us! Take a look in our online store to get what you need and even better, to get it at the wholesale prices you want!
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