• Business Owner
  • Bought this kit and found it very easy to use. The smell is very pleasant, not like other acrylics.The activator spray is wonderful and doesn't burn. I ordered again to stock up on these supplies in the larger sizes so I am set for months. Again, I love the Artisan Flexwrap Acrylic Dipping Powder products! Give them a try.
  • Kim
  • Wellness Begins Here, LLC, Pennsylvania - USA
  • Artisan Flexwrap Acrylic Dipping Powder Pro Kit
  • This system is brilliant. Easy to use with beautiful results. So much quicker than conventional ways of applying acrylics and no damage to the nailplate as there is no backfiling beforehand. Would highly recommend it ( but I'm trying to keep it a secret all to myself :) )
  • Beauty O
  • West Dunbartonshire - United Kingdom
  • Artisan flex wrap system
  • I've used this product several years ago and think its great ....
    I think it's simple to use less messy and contains everything u need to give a flawless look and finish to overlays or by using tips is so much easier....
    I haven't found any flaws about the product except that I think the kit should come with either bigger bottles of the flex base and the flex top or maybe even two of each
  • Jena e
  • Jena Eyles, Queensland - Australia

Dipping Powders & Nail Wraps

Did you know that dipped nails and nail wrap services are the “new” must-have nail service to offer? Your salon can be ready when your clients request it if you stock up now. When you shop at The Nail Superstore you can get nail wrap activator, nail wrap resin, acrylic dipping powders and everything else you need to offer the best nail wrap services around. Prefer to have all of your nail wrap supplies in one kit? We have those too! Take advantage of our everyday wholesale prices on this innovative nail service and all of our professional nail supplies!
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