• Artisan uControl Clear Builder Gel
  • I have used a brand of builder gel for about 15 years and decided to try this brand. It works just as well as the other brand. In fact the more I use it the more I like it. It is a builder gel but it self levels very nice and quickly.
  • Margie
  • Manicures Plus by Margie, California - USA
  • Artisan Soak Off GelEfex Polish - Phuket Orchid
  • I have 6 different brands of soak of gel product. This one has the best consistancy, best brush and pure color even on thin coats. This is the first color I have purchased in this line and I intend to stock more colors if they are all like this one.
  • C.Myers
  • Florida - USA
  • Wonderful
  • This gel polish is wonderful. Its not as thick as Gelish and it doesn't have that strong of a smell. It lasted three and a half weeks on my natural nail. I use the same 32 watt light as my gel for curing. I cant wait to own the entire collection & future collections. I would recommend this gel polish.
  • Nicole
  • Nails by Nichie, Ohio - USA

Gel Nail Polish & Supplies

Do you remember when acrylic nail supplies was all the talk? Well, even though they're still used in salons everywhere, gel nail polishes and gel nail supplies are swiftly becoming product favorites for nail techs and clients. For nail techs, the fact that gel nail applications go on as easy as nail polish, is equally easy to use and soaks off fast, makes them a major time saver. And for clients, getting a gel nail service means getting amazing strength, a mirror-like shine, two weeks or more of no chip protection- and a more natural look than what traditional acrylic nail applications can produce. All of which is to say that gel nails provide your clients with a dream list of everything they want and love in a nail service. We know that transitioning from the traditional acrylic nail applications may be a challenge but imagine losing clients and valuable income just because you're not offering a gel nail service? Now, imagine a place where you can get all of the most innovative and superior gel nail supplies in one place, for amazingly low prices, AND somewhere that you can get totally free expert tips and how-to videos that'll guide you along the way to becoming a gel nail master? Well, it may sound like a lot but that's exactly what you'll get here at The Nail Superstore! We have color soak off gels, gel nail brushes, gel nail polish, gel nail powder systems, gel nail sealers, gel nail kits, gel nail removers and cleanser solutions, sculpture builder gels, top and base gels, UV gel nail lights and countless other gel nail supplies you need to offer one 'gel' of a service. Take a look at the gel nail supplies we have now!
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