• Like it
  • Artisan Acrylic Nail Powder | Crystal Clear - Non Yellow Formula
  • I like this acrylic powder, I found it easy to use and goes on well, I am going to purchase other colours etc.
  • Shani Schofield
  • North Carolina - USA
  • Artisan Ultra Bond Extra Strength Primer
  • Artisan Acrylic Nail Primer | Ultra Bond - Extra Strength
  • Literally this stuff is AMAZING! I am not sure if it is this primer that is solely responsible for perfect sets time and time again, or if it is the combination of all the Artisan products together (equalizer, ultrabond, clear pure color powder and ultimax liquid) but whatever the case the sets look amazing. Nails can last 3 weeks without a fill and there is minimal to no lifting whatsoever. Totally sold on this product, will be purchasing this again very shortly!
  • Anna W.
  • Wisconsin - USA
  • Great product!!!
  • Artisan Acrylic Nail Powder | Non Bubble Formula - Ultra Crystal Clear
  • This is the best clear acrylic nail powder I have used so far. This acrylic has great application, is self leveling and easy to use.. I will certainly never buy another brand of clear acrylic. Awesome stuff. Clear and smooth.
  • Angela
  • Limburg - Netherlands

Acrylic Nail Supplies

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