ProTool USA Carbide Nail Drill Bit | Pedicure Corn & Callus Remover - Coarse - Each

  • ProTool USA Carbide Nail Drill Bit | Pedicure Corn & Callus Remover - Coarse
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Quicker & Safer To Remove Corns & Calluses: Made using the latest German carbide technology, this ProTool USA Carbide Nail Drill Bit is specifically designed to remove tough corn and calluses easily and smoothly.
Unique Razor Sharp Teeth : Made from razor sharp crosscut teeth that file off tough skin effortlessly. No heavy scrubbing needed!
Anti-Clogging & Easy to Clean: Anti-clogging, ventilated teeth prevent debris from gumming up your carbide. Pedicure drill bit stays sharper longer and is super easy to clean.
Premium Tungsten Carbide: Masterfully crafted premium tungsten nail carbide bit. Lasts 10x longer than traditional carbides.
Specifications: 3/32 shank. Coarse grit.
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Product Comment: I have a very busy medical foot care clinic where our patients are all seniors with foot issues. Inverted corns are most painful. They feel and look like a pebble imbedded on the bottom of the foot. This burr shaved them off without any heat or pain to the patients. It also shaves down a thicken nail too. It withstands the high heat from the autoclave as well. My custom drill runs at 40,000 rpm, for medical licensed use only. This burr is lovely to use.