Artisan UltiMax Acrylic Nail Liquid | Self Level - Superior Adhesion - 8 oz (236.59 ml)

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Sculpt like a master, even if you're a novice, with this easy-to-use Artisan Acrylic Nail Liquid. Guaranteed no lift and non-yellowing formula also has low odor.
Self-leveling formula makes it easy to sculpt and cuts down stroking and filing time.
Applies consistently and offers superior adhesion so your work lasts longer than two weeks!
Easy to use and apply for any nail tech experience level.
Pairs perfectly with Artisan Acrylic Nail Powder!
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Product Comment: The best acrylic liquid out here. It bonds strong no mess, no odor PERFECT
Product Comment: This liquid is very easy to work with if you are a beginner like myself. It gives you some time to get the shape that you want before drying.
Product Comment: I am a beginner and my nails have not lifted at all with this awesome product, the smell may be a little strong, but the way it lets me take my time to work my acrylic is wonderful!
Product Comment: Perfect i loved it good conditions/quality self levels no chip no yellowing amazing product
Product Comment: The product works great, this is the best acrylic liquid i have used compared to other brands. Is easy to work with on acrylic nails. Thank you.
Product Comment: i loved this but i didn't think the size was going to be that small next time i will buy bigger
Product Comment: I've tried quite a few monomers and this one is my favorite. Pretty self leveling, no bubbles. The smell is what it is. It's monomer not a field of daisies, but it's not particularly strong. Great product.
Product Comment: Works well. Not too fast set. Smell isn't super strong either.
Product Comment: This product greatly compares to the more expense ones i have used
Product Comment: These products are absolutely awesome. I have been alergic to all other product to have acrylic nails so for 7 years I couldn't enjoy nice nails. But I found this product after watching numerous videos. And with it being Acid free I guess that's why I can put them on. I tried 1 nail to test. Usually after a few hours the had to come off. But not with Artisan. Praise the Lord.
Product Comment: I've used many acrylic systems and after trying this one, I use it the most. It's easy to work with and stays on my clients beautufully. Very glad I found this.
Product Comment: I can't say enough good things about this brand. This product along with the Artisan crystal clear acrylic powder work beautifully together. It's self leveling and there is minimal work required. My sets last until I decide to take them off. They never break. And I don't cake it on, so its super thin and still holds up!
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