Artisan Neutralizer | Acrylic Nail Liquid Enhancer & Odor Reducer - 1 oz (29.57 ml)

  • Artisan Neutralizer | Acrylic Nail Liquid Enhancer & Odor Reducer
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Smell more green and less acrylic nail liquid with this Artisan Neutralizer Nail Liquid Enhancer and Odor Reducer. It neutralizers nail odor instantly, helps eliminate crystallization and speeds up drying time.
Excellent way to neutralize and drastically reduce odor from acrylic liquids.
Great for increasing and speeding up time working with artificial nail products.
Easy to use by simply adding 2-3 drops to your acrylic monomer dappen dish
Also speeds up drying time so you can finish faster.
Customer Reviews
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Product Comment: This odor reducer works as expected. I put 2 to 3 drops in with the monomer and you can almost immediately smell the difference. It doesnt totally knock the smell out but it lightens it up enough to where you cant smell it for hours and its not so strong that it gives you a head ache. I definently recommend this product.
Product Comment: The product is used by me to significantly reduce the extreme smell of monomer (acrylic nail liquid), it does a wonderful job of that. The smell is still there but very reduced. It also makes the acrylic powder harden quicker. I consider both those things, a positive. I'm very happy with my purchase and the shipping was quick as well, delighted.
Product Comment: Lo he comprado y usado muy pocas veces. No sé si realmente disminuye el olor.
Product Comment: Speeds up setting time! Will definitely keep myself stocked with this!
Product Comment: This seems to help reduce the odor from the fumes and also helps the acrylic set quicker. I have been using it for about 5 years and can't work without it.
Product Comment: I use a few drops and it cuts down on the awful acrylic smell, not totally, but it's much better. Plus I think it helps with the adhesion process as well. Great product!!
Product Comment: The reviews from users are right on point about this product. It makes using Monomer a whole lot better. I put a few drops in the Monomer and it really helped with the odor. Kudos to whomever invented this product!
Product Comment: Work really. Before I add it, the odor is very loud, when I put it in my liquid, the smell or monomer is minimizing
Product Comment: I cannot say much for the odor reducer but the nail enhancer is a GAME CHANGER. The product went on beautifully with two drops of this in the liquid monomer. LOVE IT.
Product Comment: Definitely takes down the odor and helps set up acrylic faster.
Product Comment: I was extremely skeptical of this product, but figured what the heck ... if it didn't work, I'm only out a couple of bucks. Wow ... I was pleasantly surprised. While the product doesn't completely remove the stereotypical monomer odor, it does significantly reduce it. In particular, I noticed about 2 hours after using that the monomer smell was gone. Amazing stuff!
Product Comment: This product works !!!!! Strongly recommend for any kind of acrylic liquid users. Tried some different kind of liquid and powder. Worked with no problems.
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