Artisan GelEfex Gel Nail Polish | Advanced Formula - Base Gel - 0.5 oz (14.79 ml)

  • Artisan GelEfex Gel Nail Polish | Advanced Formula - Base Gel
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Start your gel nail application right with this Artisan GelEfex Gel Nail Polish Advanced Formula Base Gel. It securely bonds with the natural nails to ensure a beautiful finish!
Perfect formula to use for your GelEfex gel nail applications.
Bonds to the natural nail for perfect adhesion.
Ensures that you get a beautiful gel nail.
Easy to apply.
Cures in 30 to 60 seconds under LED or CCFL/LED light, and 3 minutes under UV light.
Customer Reviews
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Product Comment: This is my go to base gel top coat! I will forever use this in my work! Not to thick and not to thin!
Product Comment: I absolutely love this color and the mood changing effects are beautiful. So far, I've received many compliments. I have to order more colors for I'm obsessed!
Product Comment: Works just as good as cnd shellac base coat, and doesn't get "goopy" after so many uses..lasts a long time
Product Comment: I would highly recommend this gel polish base coat, I use this along with my artisian polish I bought from here as well. It gives the polish an extra rich pigmentation, and it offers great nail coverage. My nails don't chip at all with these I highly recommend this. I wish I was able too buy a larger size of this though. Nonetheless the product is great and comes with a lot of product.
Product Comment: This product adds tones of strength. I'm very happy with how well this product does not peal.
Product Comment: This bas gel coat is great, with just a thin layer. I like it as much as shellac and way moe affordable.
Product Comment: A great base drys quick and leaves a good foundation
Product Comment: Love the colors, the consistency is great. Sticky and smooth. I'm going to buy all of the colors!