Artisan FlexWrap Glaze Sealer | Ultimate Chip-Free Sealant - 0.5 oz (14.79 ml)

  • Artisan FlexWrap Glaze Sealer | Ultimate Chip-Free Sealant
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Your FlexWrap acrylic dipping system won't be the same without this Artisan FlexWrap Glaze Sealer. It's non-yellowing formula is uniquely developed to seal your FlexWrap nails and give them a chip-free high gloss shine.
Specially formulated to work with the Artisan FlexWrap Acrylic Dipping System so you get optimum results.
Creates a chip-free sealant over FlexWrap nails so client's nails last.
Non-yellowing formula also leaves a radiant high gloss shine.
Formulated to be acetone and chemical resistant.
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Product Comment: At first, this is awesome, but when you get close to the bottom of the bottle, you need to refill it, like most top sealers, it will get thicker. Be sure to follow up with cuticle oil to retail, this product will not hydrate itself.
Product Comment: I love this product. Great sealer for my acrylic dip system. Great glossy finish. Fast drying time.