Artisan FlexWrap Acrylic Dipping Powder Pro 5 pcs | Promote Stronger & Healthier Natural Nails - Set

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This Artisan FlexWrap Acrylic Dipping Powder Pro Kit just made it a lot easier to offer an acrylic dipping service! It comes with everything you need to offer this innovative damage-free nail service today!
Perfect for clients that are transitioning from acrylic and are seeking a stronger and healthier nail.
Non-yellowing, MMA-Free products are a great alternative for clients who truly want a natural set.
No primers, liquids or acrylic brushes needed means you save more!
Kit includes: Artisan Flexwrap Clear Powder 3.5oz, Base 1/2oz, Top 1/2oz, Activator 4oz, Sealer 1/2oz.
** No return for nail kits **
How-To Video

   Step 1: Start with an equalizer and thinly apply it in on the nail. It is a natural dehydrator that removes excess oil from the nail plate. Repeat step twice. Don’t flood the cuticle.  
   Step 2: Using Artisan Instant Bond Glue, use the Artisan Perfect “C” Nail Tip and apply the white tip to the natural nail, pinching the sidewalls to ensure strength and cut tip to client’s desired length.  
   Step 3: Next, using the FlexWrap Base, apply coat across whole nail.  
   Step 4: Scoop the FlexWrap Powder lightly shake all over nail. Tap off any excess. 
   Step 5: Using the FlexWrap Top, apply all over the nail, letting it soak in. You will notice the powder blending in becoming transparent. 
   Step 6: Depending on your client’s nail length and desired strength, you can repeat steps 3, 4 and 5. 
   Step 7: Take the FlexWrap Spray Activator and lightly spray the nail (one to two pumps, 6 inches away) to cure it. 
   Step 8: Once cured, buff and file the surface. 
   Step 9: Finish off using the FlexWrap Sealer, curing for 2 minutes. 
   Step 10: After curing, apply cuticle oil to replenish the cuticle. 
Customer Reviews
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Product Comment: Everything about this kit I love! From product quality to ease of use! Think I have found my new favorite product line!
Product Comment: I have been using this system for YEARS and I really like the simplicity of it. Be sure to move all containers away from overspray when you are spritzing the activator spray. Wipe your brush clean before you insert it back into the bottle, so it will have a long life span. Good product; It holds up, while thin at the same time - so you can book clients every 2 wks, knowing it will last the duration in between fills.
Product Comment: Very easy to apply but still time consuming. I thought it would be less work them acrylics. Doesn't smell though, that's a plus. ;) overall satisfied
Product Comment: The product was very easy to use with good results, even given that it was the first time. My co-workers were very amazed. I am very pleased also. I have only had them on for a few day so I can not comment on wear. I think that it is safe to say I will be ordering more base and top and continue to use product. As others have said the bottles of base and top need to be bigger. You do want to clean around the cuticles before you use the spray that sets it all up. I had a problem with shipping, no fault of the company but they helped me get it taken care of. The customer service email turn around time was outstanding. Thank you.
Product Comment: Very easy to use, very low odor, and very little damage to nature nail. I only had damage cause of the way I removed the nails off.just wish nails would last longer. I get about 4-5days before I notice nails staring to lift. Maybe it's the way I apply the products to why I have the lifting. Nonetheless I would and plan on buying again. The sealer is great!
Product Comment: I've had to get my nails done for years but now with this system I can do them myself I wasn't sure how they'd turn out but I was so happy with the results. And I know I'll only get better with practice
Product Comment: My nails are extremely weak and break and bleed a lot and I have been looking for something to help - I have tried nail strengthening polishes, regular nail wraps, and have been taking supplements for nails. When I saw this product that doesn't hurt the nail bed, but promotes strong healthy nails, it was a no brainer. I bought this set and immediately tried it - mind you, I have NEVER had a manicure so was a bit clueless. I watched the videos and didn't do badly for my first time. Don't like the smell of the activator, but I am happy overall. I have had my nail tips on for eleven days now, and they are still strong - which is exceptional because I work with chemicals daily including alcohol and acetone! Very very pleased. Have already ordered another set for my granddaughters.
Product Comment: Oh man this is by far the best and easiest to use system even better than acrylic systems it's very hard to mess this up! And it last a long time!! I will recommend this to any and every one!
Product Comment: This is a great dipping system.. Easy to use and create beautiful strong nails with tips or without. I can do my own nails easily with this :) dries fast and works wonders.
Product Comment: This Product is very good ,makes my nails feel hard and strong and very easy to use
Product Comment: I made my nail at home by myself. I love it
Product Comment: This product is so convenient and easy to use. Really nice to overlay over natural nails for added strength. The quality is great and wears very well until you need a fill from growth.
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