Artisan FlexGel+ Crystal Clear Gel Nail Powder | Bubble Free - 3 oz (85.05 gr)

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Getting flawless French or natural nails couldn't get any easier than with this FlexGel gel nail powder. It's non-yellowing and produces the strength you need.
Ultra-fine powder has excellent flexibility and strength without needing to add an acrylic product.
Unparalleled non-yellowing color clarity to make your work look brilliant.
Excellent to add to your acrylic or gel service and can be used with acrylic monomer.
Easy to use for novice or experienced nail techs.
How-To Video
Instructions for Use:
Step 1: Once you have prepped your client’s nails and added a tip, you are ready to begin.
Step 2: Apply the FlexGel Base to the whole nail.
Step 3: Using a small scoop of the powder, sprinkle it all over the nail. Tap off any excess.
Step 4: Use the FlexGel Top and cover the whole nail on top of the powder and cure for three minutes. Make sure the coating is level and you have gotten the sides of the nails too.
Step 5: If your client desires a stronger application, you can repeat the FlexGel Base, FlexGel Powder and FlexGel Top steps again and then cure.
Step 6: And it’s that easy! Top it off Artisan Instant Seal sealer. After the nails have been cured, the nails will be durable, glossy and thin yet strong.
Customer Reviews
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Product Comment: Self leveling....doesn't yellow. It is a true hybrid Gel powder, and it is NOT AN ACRYLIC. Love it . And for a nail tech that is allergic to acrylics, personally, This is a Gel powder. It is such a thing! Use this one. You may have to "warm it"...but I love it. It's not as much dust, but I would still purchase one tho. Thanks
Product Comment: Love this company, I love the Gel Polish and the great prices
Product Comment: I bought the whole flex gel dipping system and it is very easy to use! Great quality!
Product Comment: I really like this product. Looks nice and holds up well
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Product Comment: powder is ultra fine and applies super easy!
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Product Comment: I use this product in combination with monomer. It is crystal clear, files easily, great with glitter, mixes well with colored pigments, no fill in lines visible and is very strong shiny product.
Product Suggestions: I wish is came in some colors such as pink and white.
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Product Comment: Although there were no instructions with the product. I had watched a video and found this was super easy to use.
It went on so simply.
Product Suggestions: The only drawback was the heat... it got pretty hot in the UV light. But if you do what the video says and linger just outside the light for about 10 seconds ... No heat!!! Excellent!!
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Product Comment: I found this product works really well, however whenever used, it leaves a whitish color on the pink area for some of my clients (but not all). Like a very thin white film. I have tried using a pink powder from another company and it worked for those with that problem.
Product Suggestions: manufacture the same powder in artisan but with a pinky color. it mimics more the natural nail bed color than the white film is leaves.
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend