Artisan Color Acrylic Nail Powder | True Black - 0.5 oz (14.17 gr)

  • Artisan Color Acrylic Nail Powder | True Black
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Go edgy, go classy and go black with this True Black Color Acrylic nail powder from Artisan! Artisan is a leader in developing the best and highest quality acrylic products, so you can get the absolutely best chic look for your nail art and nail enhancements!
Offers flawless coverage and strength so your work lasts for weeks!
Innovative non-bubbling formula eliminates extra work from premature lifting.
Great product consistency that's easy to work with and sculpt for the nail shapes you want.
Edgy black hue is ideal for creating classically modern and trendy nail art and nail enhancements!
Customer Reviews
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Product Comment: The color is amazing quality. Was worried it was going to be see through but didn't have that worry at all. Just have to be careful when using with other acrylic color because the color stays on the brush if you don't clean in between.
Product Comment: It is easy to work with and I don't even need to use polish. I use the colored acrylics with the nail forms where the acrylic is applied to the inside of the form and then the form is applied to the nail. When I remove the form, I have a perfectly shaped nail with a glass like finish that does not even require filing, except maybe for the sides to make them smooth. I like to use the black for when I want to use powders (like chrome finishes or holo powders) that require a black base. I just cover with a gel topcoat and apply the powder. Super fast and easy.
Product Comment: I use this product to do different nail designs. I love the satiny look and feel the powder has after it cures. The acrylic is somewhat fast drying, which I like. The only thing I found that I need to get use to is the fact that sometimes when I go to pick up a ball, it sometimes won't pick up. The ball will form inside the powder, then I have to scoop it out. This could be from having to little liquid on my brush. You definitely want to have a good bit of liquid on your brush when you pick your ball up and lay the acrylic on the nail. Overall, this is a wonderful product and the color is just beautiful.
Product Comment: Used as a colour tip and or to create 3D art
Product Suggestions: No need to improve this product
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Product Comment: I love how easy these acrylic powders from Artisan are so nice to work with the go on smooth for less brush work.
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Product Comment: Wonderful service, fast shipping and excellent acrylics!
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend