Artisan Acrylic Nail Powder | Natural Color - Easy To Control - 3.5 oz (99.22 gr)

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Flawless results are mandatory, not optional so use a product that produces flawlessness. This Artisan acrylic powder is that product and is a must-have for creating natural manicures!
Easy to control formula helps you sculpt nails and nail shapes with precision.
Great alternative to use for clients that want to go polish-free for a natural look.
Minimum bubbling which prevents premature chipping or lifting.
Excellent retention and strength so your work lasts longer.
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Product Comment: I have spent numerous hrs searching and reading reviews and trying different products. This acrylic powder is amazing and working perfect with the UltiMax acrylic sculpting liquid also from this comapny. Highly recommend
Product Comment: Siempre compro acrilico en ésta tienda. Son de muy buena calidad
Product Comment: Absolutely love this acrylic powder! Being a beginner has been a challenge but these artisan products have been a tremendous help! And the prices are great!
Product Comment: This brand is so good. Container contains more than enough product to last you awhile
Product Comment: OMG!!! I have fell in love with this line of product! And the Natural my clients love! It looks like their own natural nail's.
Product Comment: Very good product. Flows easy and gives you time to play with it if needed.
Product Comment: I am a self-learner and this product has made my start very easy. It's very smooth and easy to apply. Does not get too liquid-y and it's easy to manage. I feel like color could be a little more nude-ish since it's supposed to be natural as it's more like "clear-white" right now.
Product Comment: This is the best acrylic nail powder I have used so far. This acrylic has great application, is self leveling and easy to use . I will certainly never buy another brand of acrylic. Awesome stuff. Clear and smooth.
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Product Comment: Best smoothest acrylic there is
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Product Comment: What I love about this product is that its easy to apply. There isn't any yellowing. It blends perfectly with the natural nail. Little to no lifts at all, very durable. It can last up to weeks
at a time and still have the fresh nail appearance.
Product Suggestions: There isn't anything that I would improve about this product.
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Product Comment: I love the artisan acrylics, I use this one on myself when i feel like paint my tip designs, and change them frequently
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend