Artisan Acrylic Nail Forms | Thicker - Stronger - Non Stick - 500 pcs

  • Artisan Acrylic Nail Forms | Thicker - Stronger - Non Stick
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Quickly sculpt perfect nail enhancements with these Artisan Professional Nail Sculpting Forms! They’re stronger, easier to apply and saves you valuable time while you work!
Better and stronger adhesive allows you to affix them and quickly sculpt your nail enhancements.
Thicker paper with aluminum coating and non-stick top base allows you to easily peel off form after curing.
Maintains form you make and stays in place through use to eliminate extra work.
Offers multiple form options and product applications from square or oval nails, 3D nail designs, gels and acrylics.
Pre-printed line designs ensures your enhancements are size consistent and decreases your nail sculpting time.
Comes in a 500 count of nail forms.
Customer Reviews
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Product Comment: Haven't used them yet bc I literally just did my nails right before they came but they seem good quality
Product Comment: These forms get the job done. They adhere well, unlike other forms ive used.
Product Comment: Very durable forms. They stick well to the finger and stay in the place you want it to. Also comes with a lot of forms
Product Comment: Love Love these forms. The special buy one,cget second half price was something I could not pass up.
Product Comment: Was actually my first time using the forms but it only took me a minute to master. I will be using them again because you don't have to use nails.... Love it
Product Comment: These were a lot that just came in a bundle so I’m thankful for the quantity and style love pink but the definitely do hold and stick well
Product Comment: I would highly recommend these nail forms, I have tested these out for about a month and they work perfectly. I love that these stick very easily and offer support while doing acrylic nails. I love love love these forms plus it comes with sooooo many forms. I was shocked when I opened my package too see how many came with these! These will definitely last me a very very long time.
Product Comment: These nail forms are the best that I have found yet. They stick very well and I love them.
Product Comment: I use these on myself and my clients. What I love about them is they stay where ever I place them. No worries of them coming off while you're working. I would definitely recommend these nail forms to anyone.
Product Comment: I have been using these forms for months and I love them! They stick together well and also on the skin but they are super easy to remove. I have only used acrylic with these but the product sticks so well on them. I have plastic tips but I find myself using the forms more to build my own nail shapes.
Product Comment: I love these forms. They stick well and fit nicely under my nails. Sculpted some beautiful stiletto styled nails with these! :)
Product Comment: From all of the forms that I have been looking to buy, only these are the ones that gives a professional look for the nails. Easy to use and am starting to look like a pro, thanks to this form.
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