MK Nail Polish

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get the high color clarity, consistent application and fast-drying properties you need with a nail polish. In fact, all you really need is to pick up some MK nail polish! MK nail lacquer goes on consistently, and produces an ultra- fabulous and high gloss finish. Even better, you can get by the bottle or in a series of best-selling polish collections! With more than 100 hues of lovely nail lacquer to choose from, we’re certain you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at the Nail Superstore! Order now and enjoy complimentary shipping on purchases over $99**, free gifts, reward points and more!
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  • Item #260910
  • Master Collection - 60 Bestselling Colors
Product Comment: So many different colors for every client. The color has to have theee coats no matter what the color you see on the bottle is not so much the color you see on the nails it does take a few coats. The matching top coat give it a good shine. Fast drying after three coats and a top coat
  • Item #260216
  • Cream Soda
Product Comment: Very pleased with this shade of polish. Definitely will consider incorporating the glided and ocean pearl nail art collections when I do decide to wear this shade.
  • Item #260139
  • Red Wall
Product Comment: A very vibrant red and gorgeous color!! A very nice shade for the holidays
  • Item #260195
  • Pink Convertible
Product Comment: .this polish is easy to apply . the color is very beautiful, I would buy again
  • Item #260159
  • Galeries Lafayette
Product Comment: Easy application , smooth finnish - this is my second bottle.
  • Item #260913
Product Comment: I have used this polish for years, goes on smooth, nice brushes and vibrant colors.
  • Item #260057
  • Silver Jets
Product Comment: Rich deep black, very pigmented (only 1 coat needed). Dries fast, and makes nail art pop!
  • Item #260910
  • Master Collection - 60 Bestselling Colors
Product Comment: Vibrant colors. Easy to apply. Clients have loved the new colors!
  • Item #260902
  • When In Rome Collection
Product Comment: Good nail polish, nice smooth coverage. Can't complain for the price. Colors are very pretty.
  • Item #260188
  • Frosty Rose
Product Comment: I am a professional Manicurist, I've used "MK" polish in the past, so far my clients and I have been satisfied with it. The polish it's self is a thin, smooth formula. This color imp articular has rich, bold color hues. Although the actual color in person differs a bit. In actuality it is more of a vibrant fuchsia pink rather than having mauve and purple tones as pictured.
  • Item #260185
  • Jolly Red
Product Comment: I am a professional Manicurist. MK-Jolly Red looks gorgeous on just about any skin tone. It is increasingly becoming a new favorite among my clientele. This color gives a rich, sultry wine spin on the classic dark red. The polish formula is thin, however does not lack in saturated color. It is ideal for non-clumpy, smooth application. In actuality the color has more red, wine color hues which differs as pictured. In my opinion the picture absolutely does not give this beauty justice. Try it, you'll love the way it looks and it's long wear!
  • Item #260115
  • Jamaica Reggae
Product Comment: Haven't yet used this nail polish, but if it is anything like all other products purchased from the Nail Superstore, I am sure I will be completely satisfied. I love the price and love the color. Can't wait to use it!!!!
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