3D Color Acrylic Nail Powders

If you did nails like everyone else, then you wouldn't be you. But since you are, you know that to stay competitive your nail service and nail applications have to scream beautiful in the most stunning way. Fortunately, The Nail Superstore is known for offering "stunning" through the best quality color acrylic powders and nail supplies on the market. We produce and distribute the best color acrylic powders you need, so you can produce the amazing acrylic nail applications and nail enhancements you want! Our color acrylic powders are rigorously tested to ensure you get the optimum color clarity, strength, retention, non-yellowing and non-bubbling consistency you need to create your most imaginative color acrylic nail enhancements. Looking for warm pastels for all seasons? We have every hue of summer and spring for you to bloom something beautiful. Want to create a seductively deep and edgy look? We've got countless shades of red, black, purple and more color acrylic powder. How about a color acrylic powder that offers a little bling and a touch of sparkle? Or bright neon acrylic powders that will stop traffic and your competition with one glance? Yep, we have those too! So, now that you know a little more about what we have, all that's left is for you to decide which color acrylic powders you want!
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  • Item #119100
  • True Black
Product Comment: The color is amazing quality. Was worried it was going to be see through but didn't have that worry at all. Just have to be careful when using with other acrylic color because the color stays on the brush if you don't clean in between.
  • Item #119140
  • Dazzling Sparkles – Pro Kit
Product Comment: These colors are beautiful! They are a little see through but they blend perfectly with each other
  • Item #119135
  • Orange
Product Comment: Absolutely love the color and will be using again. This is a beautiful color for summer.
  • Item #119193
  • Holographic Black
Product Comment: for the price, it's a good powder. Its highly pigmented, so you don't have to cake it on.
  • Item #119166
  • Professional Size - Pink Sparkles
Product Comment: This is the perfect dark pink with glitter for a spectacular french! I used a glitter dark purple as a thin layer french top then I put this pink over the entire nail. The purple layer was thin enough to be an awesome ombré!!
  • Item #119138
  • Pastel Colors Pro Kit
Product Comment: Awesome colors they really are pastel unlike any others that I have used in the past
  • Item #119140
  • Dazzling Sparkles – Pro Kit
Product Comment: I have bought many other brands with glitter or sparkles and it wasn’t as as sparklie as this is
  • Item #119112
  • Purple Glitters
Product Comment: I have not used this product yet but I love the and can't wait to use it.
  • Item #119193
  • Holographic Black
Product Comment: I just tried the holographic black and it is so pretty. I have no polish on top because I don't need it. I wouldn't call this holographic but it is very glittery. I use it with dual nail forms and there is no filing required. The mirror finish is just gorgeous.
  • Item #119130
  • Violet
Product Comment: I love these colored acrylics. I have used quite a few of the colors already and they all look great. I was concerned when I got this because it looked so light but when I applied it, the color was a deep, rich eggplant purple. If you are looking for lavender, this is not it. If you want purple, this delivers.
  • Item #119141
  • Neon Colors Pro Kit
Product Comment: I have had such good results with these colored acrylics. They don't bubble (at all!) and when I use them with my dual nail forms, the glass finish is just so professional looking. I just have to file the edges if they are rough and that's it. I'm good to go. It looks better than nail polish. I really like these bulk deals as I can get a lot of colors for a discounted price (compared to getting them individually.)
  • Item #119198
  • He Peri-Winked At Me
Product Comment: I haven't had the chance to use this but the color is beautiful
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