3D Color Acrylic Nail Powders

If you did nails like everyone else, then you wouldn't be you. But since you are, you know that to stay competitive your nail service and nail applications have to scream beautiful in the most stunning way. Fortunately, The Nail Superstore is known for offering "stunning" through the best quality color acrylic powders and nail supplies on the market. We produce and distribute the best color acrylic powders you need, so you can produce the amazing acrylic nail applications and nail enhancements you want! Our color acrylic powders are rigorously tested to ensure you get the optimum color clarity, strength, retention, non-yellowing and non-bubbling consistency you need to create your most imaginative color acrylic nail enhancements. Looking for warm pastels for all seasons? We have every hue of summer and spring for you to bloom something beautiful. Want to create a seductively deep and edgy look? We've got countless shades of red, black, purple and more color acrylic powder. How about a color acrylic powder that offers a little bling and a touch of sparkle? Or bright neon acrylic powders that will stop traffic and your competition with one glance? Yep, we have those too! So, now that you know a little more about what we have, all that's left is for you to decide which color acrylic powders you want!
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  • Item #119193
  • Holographic Black
Product Comment: I love this color! It turned out a lot better than I expected. It is very sparkly and pretty.
  • Item #119201
  • Wicked Witch of the West
Product Comment: This is one of my favorite colors. Not as sparkly as I was hoping, but is a very pretty color. This color goes well with the holographic black.
  • Item #119123
  • Pink Sparkles
Product Comment: This color is a very pretty pink, it goes well with white tips, to do the pink and white.
  • Item #119113
  • Turquoise Glitters
Product Comment: I love this stuff, and the color is awesome and easy to use and lasts long without lifting.
  • Item #119195
  • Professional Size - Silver Shimmer
Product Comment: I love how pretty this turns out. The glitter is really vibrant. It is pretty durable too, and easy to work with.
  • Item #119121
  • Fuchsia Sparkles
Product Comment: I love this color, it turned out very beautiful. I am not a professional, I was just learning to do my own nails when I bought this product. It was my first colored acrylic. It was very easy to use and went on smoothly. Easy to work with and form.
  • Item #119136
  • Crystal Shimmer
Product Comment: This is probably one of my favorites. I mix it with other colors or put it on top of solid colors. It always turns out amazing and the powder is very easy to work with. It is very sparkly.
  • Item #119193
  • Holographic Black
Product Comment: Can you use this with ez dipper nail dipping system
  • Item #119138
  • Pastel Colors Pro Kit
Product Comment: Love the colors so much! Will be repurchasing when I run out.
  • Item #119123
  • Pink Sparkles
Product Comment: very bright with sparkles... I mixed it with clear and its exactly what I needed
  • Item #119107
  • Mint Green
Product Comment: Siempre compro acrílico en ésta tienda. Me encantan y son de muy buena calidad.
  • Item #119108
  • Baby Pink
Product Comment: Siempre compro acrílico en ésta tienda. Me encantan y son de muy buena calidad.
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