Free Samples

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually get rewarded for being a loyal customer? Well, at The Nail Superstore we seem to think it would which is why we offer free samples to our favorite nail techs and salon professionals (yes that would be you!). So when you make your purchase of $99 or more, you can come here to pick a few nail or salon supply goodies of your choice. Get started now!
Sample Product | Artisan Sunblocker
Guarantee to protect nail polish and French manicure against yellowing or fading.
Sample Artisan EZ Dipper Nail Activator – Step #3
Sample Artisan EZ Dipper Nail Prep Dehydrator - Step #1
Sample Product | Artisan UltraDry Air Dry Top Coat
No UV light required! Dries nail polish in seconds and leaves a chip-resistant, non yellowing shine.
Sample Product | Artisan StikBase Nail Polish Adhesive
Base coat with gripping power, virtually eliminates chipping and peeling.
Sample Product | Artisan UltraShine Super Gloss Top Coat
Durable, glossy nail top coat provides a mirror-like shine and chip-free polish protection.
Sample Product | Artisan UltraSealer Super Hard Top Coat
Ultra-gloss permanent polish sealer that provides a 2-in-1 top and base coat.
Sample Product | Artisan Efex Sealer Nail Art & Airbrush Top Coat
Non-yellowing and long lasting top coat formulated exclusively for airbrush and nail art.