Free Gift

Who doesn’t love gifts especially when they’re free? We certainly do which is why we think it only makes sense to pass some of the gift-giving joy to you! So, every time you make a minimum purchase of $150 or more for your nail and salon supplies, you’ll be directed here to our free-gifts-just-for-you-goodie-bag-of-delight!  Please note, that while we totally love gifting you, should you need to return any items from your original purchase, please also return the free gift(s). If, however, you opt to keep the free gift(s) - we’ll charge it to your account at the same great wholesale value we offer.   
OPI Nail Polish | Black Shatter
Give clients an edgy finish to any manicure.
$6.95  FREE
Artisan Sponge Buffing File | Smooth & Removes Scratches on Acrylic Nails
Strong and durable. For filing and buffing all enhancements in no time.
$3.95  FREE
Artisan Magic Shiner Nail Buffer | Glossy Shine Without Polish
Buff and smooth nails to a high gloss without oil or buffing cream!
$3.95  FREE
Nail Art Display Palette | Shows Off Your Creative Nail Art Work
Color Palette lets you show off your nail polish, gel colors or artwork. Comes with chains and labels.
$3.99  FREE