Throw a Halloween Nail Salon Party for Your Clients

Artisan Color Nail Tips - Metallic Orange Boo! Did we scare you?

Halloween is a great time of year for nail art. Ghosts, pumpkins and skeletons are in high demand! So, who they going to call? You! When it comes to Halloween nail art, the possibilities are endless. The Nail Superstore has everything you need, tips include, to throw a Halloween nail salon party for your clients and create stunning and spooky Halloween nail designs.

Halloween Nail Art Designs

Customers love getting their nails done for Halloween and it’s the best time for you to get creative too. The Nail Superstore has everything you need to get ready for Halloween nail art!

Halloween Nail Art From The Nail Superstore

The Nail Superstore has 4 different series of Halloween stickers.

  • The first one has your classic pumpkins, witches with their cauldrons and more! Buy it here! Holiday Series Nail Art Decal - Halloween #2
  • The second one has eyeballs, Frankensteins and skeletons! So scary; buy it here!
  • The third has pumpkins, bats and ghosts. Your clients will love it; buy it here!
  • And the fourth features stickers that say Halloween, Boo and more. Buy it here!
Maybe you are in the need of some Halloween inspired gel polish, nail polish or even acrylic powders.

Throw the Perfect Salon Party Holiday Series Nail Art Decal - Halloween #3

What fun would Halloween be if you didn’t dress up? None!

  • Have you and your fellow employees dress up in your favorite costumes for the day of the party or for a few days before Halloween. Your customers will love the atmosphere and may even arrive dressed up too!
  • Make it a more formal salon party and send out invitations to your regular customers, put up signs or make an advertisement inthe paper. Let everyone know about your salon party!
  • Provide fun non-alcoholic drinks inspired by the holiday! Try green or red punch or Sprite or 7UP with a couple cubes of ice dyed red. It will start to bleed in the drink!
  • Get creative with the food. You may suggest to your clients to eat the food before they get their nails done. Try cupcakes decorated with ghosts or cookies with witches made of icing. Everyone loves a dirt pie! Pudding, crumbled cookies and gummy worms; you can’t go wrong!
  • Don’t forget the decorations! Get some tombstones, skeletons, hanging ghosts and decorate the salon. Don’t forget the creepy music!

Having a Halloween salon party is a great way to have some fun with your clients. And when they leave, they won’t believe how scary good their Halloween nail art looks!